Mike Tyson
For the First Time:

Your Muscles Are Dying... And they’re taking you with them.

Every day, you lose a little more strength, a little more speed and a little more pride.

Every ounce of muscle lost is replaced with a pound of fat, or more... making you feel tired, weak and soft.

And all the solutions you’ve heard of and maybe even tried… from eating more protein… and even exercise might be making the problem WORSE.

My name is Mike Tyson

I don’t like to brag (anymore), but I know you’ve heard of me..

30 years ago, I was the Undisputed Heavyweight Boxing Champion of the world.

The youngest heavyweight champ in history… a record that will never be broken.

The youngest man to unify all 3 heavyweight titles and become the undisputed world champ…

But fast forward to last year, and I wasn’t fighting for a title… I was fighting for my life.

I was fat, sick and fucking tired.

100 pounds overweight.

Weaker than I’d ever been since was 14 years old.

Insulin resistance.

High Blood Pressure.

My cardiologist warned me that I had to get it together or prepare for a heart attack or stroke…

It was pathetic.

I had walked away from boxing at the height of my fame in order to save my sanity… and my soul (more on that in a second)...

And it almost cost me my life.

What’s crazy is that it wasn’t the warning from my doctor that set me straight…

It was my pride.

An embarrassing wake up call last year led me to realize that I had to act FAST or risk leaving my family alone, to face the world without me.

And that one moment set off a transformation that shocked the world … and sent me into the fight of my life to reclaim my body and my legacy once and for all.

Because of who I am, I was able to bring together the best and brightest minds in the world on diet, exercise, training and metabolism...

And learn the real reason my body was shutting down..

The emasculating process that’s happening to all men…

The embarrassing “march of time” that we all think is part of “normal” aging that is robbing us of our strength, our power and our manhood one day at a time.

They showed me a simple and natural 60 second routine to add to my day

They showed me a simple and natural 60 second routine to add to my day to get my energy, my vitality and my strength back… This time for good.

to get my energy, my vitality and my strength back… This time for good.

Just by reversing something so
simple, so common, no one ever
even thinks about it…

Even though doctors and researchers have known about it for years… In fact, in hindsight, it was so easy, and so obvious, I can’t believe I’d never heard of it before…

But it helped me to destroy the embarrassing “dad-bod” guys seem to be so proud of these days.

To fight back the fat that bulged out over my size 44 pants, making it embarrassing to even tuck in my damn shirt.

To balance my blood sugar and metabolism to give my muscles the fuel they needed to perform like they used to.

They showed me what’s really happening on the inside of our bodies, ... Sentencing us to a life of

  • Weight Gain
  • Weakness
  • Endless Hunger
  • Loss of our masculine power & pride

And I can tell you right now, that it isn’t what you think it is…

It wasn’t some new work out or crazy diet… I’ll tell you I’ve tried ALL of those.

In fact, this is something I do no matter what diet I’m following. Vegan, Paleo, High-carb, Low-carb, low-fat... It doesn’t matter.

I learned a new way to fuel, power and grow my muscles NATURALLY using something my doctors call the “Ignition Matrix”... (I like to call it the Iron Matrix, because it helps me feel like the old me, but better)

And the Ignition Matrix isn’t some crazy workout, (though I do have a few of those now, thanks to my new strength coach).

It’s a simple list of ingredients that I take every day, twice a day. Most of them you’ve probably already heard of.

Learning what I know now, I was able to quickly add 15 pounds of rock-hard powerful, punishing muscle…

Torch over 100 pounds of artery clogging fat in under 6 months…

Get my body back into the best shape of my life… Better today than I was even at my “prime”...

Restore the punching power that literally saved my life as a kid, but I thought disappeared as I got older.

And go on to fight in the biggest heavyweight boxing match of the last 10 years…


  • Risky “Hormone Therapy” (whatever the fuck that is…)
  • Crazy-ass fad diets
  • Surgery
  • Starving Myself

Or Taking any of the usual “shortcuts” people think all celebrities have access to.

My results speak for themselves, and I want to share with you EXACTLY what I learned so that you can take back your own power...

And almost feel like a kid again…

Full of drive, and focus and ENERGY.

Able to take on the world, and go all day… and all night.

Stop beginning sentences with “now that I’m getting older” or “when you’re my age, you realize”...

To finally stop worrying about what you CAN’T do anymore, and start focusing on what you’re gonna do.

Using nothing but
all natural, simple ingredients that come from the earth to live your life in the strong, effective, dominant, capable body you were meant to have.

What I’m about to share with you is going to be embarrassing (for me), but I want to tell you the whole truth so that you can learn what I know…

I realize that not every man can afford to bring together the best experts in the world… But that shouldn't stop you from knowing the truth.

I believe every man should have the right to know exactly what I know so that you can make the choice to take back your power and your strength...

And fight back against all that stubborn and insidious fat that makes you feel old and weak and disgusting.

Burn off the fat that clogs your arteries and makes it hard to live the life you want to live…

That makes you feel worthless and ugly in the presence of beautiful women…

That makes you feel weak and irrelevant with other men.

So you can feel invincible and powerful, like you did when you were younger.

So you can live your life with the mind of a man who knows the world the way you can only experience with age…

And the body of a kid in his prime.

It’s not only possible...

I think it used to be normal.

And I want to make it normal again.

In every man’s life, there are
few moments that get burned
into your mind...

Permanent, immovable, crystal clear memories…

Good memories like the birth of your children…

Or your wedding day (in my case, my 3rd wedding day... )

And terrible memories, the kind you just can’t forget, even though you want to more than anything…

(like my first wedding day…)

Or the loss of a loved one.

Just last year, I had a moment that burned itself into my brain forever.

I was standing alone, getting dressed like any normal day… until I went to button my pants.

Suddenly they wouldn’t button. These damn pants were already 8 sizes too big... But they wouldn’t button.

I looked up in surprise and caught a look of myself in the mirror.

The first long, hard look at myself I’d taken in YEARS.

Who the hell was this fat old man staring back at me?

I used to be the heavyweight champ of the world…

People feared me. They idolized me.

I was fucking UNDISPUTED… No man, anywhere on earth could challenge me.

Then, in a moment, I became this fat old man who can’t button his damn pants. As I stood there feeling sorry for myself, one thought kept repeating over and over in my head.

How the hell did this happen!?

I used to be the man who could defy reality…. Do the impossible.

But now, reality was staring me right in the face, and I was powerless to do anything about it.

I realized in that moment that I had let my fire go out…

The fire that had fueled my ascension to the top of the world.

That had propelled me into the halls of greatness.

And ultimately, the fire had burned out of control…

That burned a path of destruction through everything good in my life.

All my life, I had fought to keep fear and shame at bay.

Fear of my tormentors.

Fear of my mother.

Fear of the animal inside me...

When I met my wife, I was finally able to let the fear go.

Let go of the rage that fueled me. Finally I felt like a whole person.

But recently, I started feeling something new. Something I wasn’t used to.

My contentment had turned to sadness.

I was sad when I looked back on the life I left behind.

Sad when I thought about what I’d lost

In letting go of all the pain and the rage that I’d been fighting with… I also let go of everything that had fueled my greatness.

It was like I wasn’t capable of being great and being happy at the same time.

It was like my body had given up on me.

But really, it was my spirit that had given up.

So, standing there, looking at myself in the mirror, staring at the pants that wouldn’t button…

I decided I needed to make a change.

I was going to get the old
me back

What a lot of people don’t know is that I’ve struggled with my weight my entire life. My adopted father, Cus was always getting on me about my weight.

People look at old pictures and videos and say I’m crazy, but I never had a moment’s peace when it came to my weight.

I was constantly avoiding all of my favorite foods and training like a maniac.

It was the only way I could stay lean, even as a kid.

If I ever slipped up, Cus would say
“Mike, your ass is getting fat”

Anyone who has ever fought or wrestled competitively has tried wearing trash bags to sweat more and “make weight”...

But I used to wear them for weeks at a time… only taking them off to climb into a scalding hot bath to try to sweat out a few more ounces.

Even after I was the heavyweight champ, the baddest man on Earth, newspaper headlines called me “The Overweight Heavyweight”

I had just defended my belt in the biggest boxing match of ALL TIME, but they still called me fat, and doubted whether I’d be able to make weight for my fight.

For the record, I won that fight, and weighed 221 pounds when I did...

Back then, I could force myself into shape by using my rage…

By constantly pushing myself past my limits...

Past any concept of “normal” or “healthy”.

My body was my ticket out of the life that would have left me dead by 19, so I used and abused it and punished myself until it did exactly what I needed it to do.

But as a 53 year old man, that wasn’t an option anymore… and even if it was, I wasn’t going to take myself back to that dark place.

I couldn’t.

I couldn’t be that guy and
still be the man my family
needed me to be.

I needed to find a different way.

A better path, that would let me climb back out of this hole WITHOUT wrecking every other part of my life...

People tried to give me ridiculous, worthless advice like

“Mike, you know walking is the best form of exercise for losing weight… you should take more walks…”

“Motherfucker, I’m MIKE TYSON… You think I’m going to get my body back by lacing up my New Balance and taking a stroll in the park!?”

“Are you kidding me!?”

What next, Tai Chi? Maybe I should take a loaf of bread with me to feed to the ducks?

My friends tried to get me to try every damn fad diet…

I tried most of those too.

Lots of people suggested I try hormone injections and testosterone therapy to get my energy back…

Look, I know medicine has come a long way since I was a kid coming up..

And all this hormone replacement stuff sounds great... And I’m sure it’s a great treatment for people who have medical conditions and all that…

But I’m a boxer, and in boxing, we have a name for all that stuff… we call it steroids.

And in boxing, steroids are cheating.

Simple as that.

Now, I’m not here to pass judgement on anybody… If you have a medical condition that requires that stuff, then I’m not about to get between you and your doctor.

And if you want to take it so you look better to girls down on the beach that’s your business.

But my body is a temple. My body is a weapon. A finely tuned machine that took me to the greatest heights of success and power.

And I did it all without cheating. And I sure as hell wasn’t about to start now.

Looking back, I’m glad I made the choice to skip the steroids and focus on finding the things that work, naturally.

First, I didn’t know it at the time, but I had a fight coming up…. And it’s hard enough to get California to sanction a heavyweight boxing match between two guys in their 50’s... (Can you imagine what would have happened if one of us was on steroids?)

Second, by skipping the steroid shortcut, I learned about the real reasons behind what was happening to my body… on the inside...

And I learned just how easy it was to address them, NATURALLY.

It takes me less than 60 seconds a day now. It’s truly effortless.

And by learning how to rebuild my body naturally, I discovered that using hormones and steroids and those kinds of things wasn’t going to solve the problem.

It would only cover it up.

In fact, once you start using steroids to boost your performance, you risk shutting down your testosterone FOR GOOD.

Seriously, your natural testosterone might NEVER come back.

So then you’re stuck taking that stuff for the rest of your life or you risk never feeling like a man again…

I NEVER want to risk that.

Luckily I didn’t fall for the typical

gym-bro fake science nonsense.

I’ve been a competitive athlete since I had my first amateur fight when I was 13 years old…

I turned pro at 18.

And became champ at 20.

Now, look at this picture taken right before that fight, as I was
stepping into the ring that would change my destiny forever:

See the 3 men in white shirts walking with me?

Up front was my head trainer Kevin Rooney. Behind me are Matt Baranski and Steve Lott, my cut man and assistant manager.

They were my crew. They handled everything for me inside and outside the ring so I could focus on the only thing that mattered: winning.

Which means I didn’t worry about my diet. Someone else figured it out for me.

I didn’t choose my own training regimen or my sparring partners.. Someone else did that.

I didn’t dictate how many miles I would run each day. That was Kevin’s job.

All my life, I relied on experts, the best of the best to tell me exactly what I needed to do in order to be my very best.

So, once I realized I was in for the literal fight of my fucking life… the struggle that would define who I am as a man.. Who I’m going to be for my family…

I did what came natural.

Instead of listening to all the people just as bad off as me, or WORSE...

I went straight to the experts.

The best of the best.

It’s their expertise that helped me completely reshape my body…

And vanquish 100 pounds of fat in the blink of an eye.

And add 15 pounds of lean punching power back to my frame to make me even deadlier than I was in my prime.

It’s their expertise that I’m sharing with you today.

To help you roll back the clock…

And feel like the man you were 10, 20 or even 30 years ago.

To remember what it feels like to wake up strong and energized… like you can do anything.

To walk into a room and know that everyone is looking at you… not cause you got mustard on your shirt… but because they want to know “Damn, what the fuck did that guy do to get a body like that?”

You wanna be even better than you were 20 years ago?

You got 60 seconds to add 1 simple thing to your daily routine?

Something that doesn’t require weird exercises? (or any extra exercise at all if you don’t want…)

Or weird diet food… or risky pills or potions or any of that crap?

If you do, keep reading, and I’m going to share exactly what they told me, and exactly what I added to my daily routine to get better results than I’ve ever gotten.

The Problem

Most guys hear things like “low energy” and “stubborn fat” and “losing strength”... and they automatically think “testosterone”...

But I’m living proof that low testosterone is the RESULT of what I’m about to tell you about, not the CAUSE.

In fact, by the time you think you have "low-t", you may have already lost the battle...

The real problem starts in your gut, not your balls. (Specifically, your pancreas, if I’m being technical)

And it starts a process that ends with your body falling apart, years before your time.

Lemme explain it to you the way I understand it:

Think of your body as a house

Houses are made of lots of different stuff, but most of it is wood. You need wooden 2 X 4’s to frame the walls...

Plus there’s wood in the floor and the ceiling and just about everywhere.

The 2 X 4’s in your walls are just like the protein in your muscles.

Protein makes up almost everything in your body that holds it together.

Make sense?

So, if you want to build more rooms onto your house (build more muscle), you need more wood right?

Cool, so what if one of those big log trucks showed up in your driveway with like 2 trees… looking like long-ass telephone poles?

Can you build the new walls you need with that wood?
Of course not.

Cause even though trees are made of wood, and 2 X 4’s are made of wood, it ain’t the same.

You need a sawmill to cut those trees into usable lumber before you can use them to build ANYTHING, right?

It’s the same thing
with the protein in your food.

If you could take out the quad muscle in your leg and look at it on a plate, it would look like a steak.

Cause your muscle is made of protein and the steak is made of protein.

But that doesn’t mean that when you eat a steak, all the protein you just swallowed turns into more muscle.

Your body has to break the protein down into smaller parts called amino acids and peptides…
just like cutting a log into 2 X 4’s.

Then your body uses these aminos to build all the stuff it needs. (Muscle, skin, ligaments, brain cells, everything… even the dopamine in your head that’s giving you the energy to read this right now...)

So first, you eat the protein… but then your body has to eat it too. And if your body doesn’t do its job right, things start to break.

That’s where your pancreas comes in. Your pancreas produces the enzymes your body uses to “eat your protein” for you.

But like everything, the pancreas slows down as we get older…

And it’s gotten even worse in the last few decades, because of thee types and amount of food we eat now.

Our food isn’t as natural, or as easy to digest as it used to be. So we’re pushing our digestive system too hard, and it’s slowing down…

So, the older we get, the less efficient our body is at eating protein.

This is the first problem… and no one ever talks about it.

Lemme show you a study my doctor showed me, so you can see what I mean:

We all know that 80 year old men don’t build muscle as good as 20 or 30 year old men right?

“No shit, right?”

Like your testosterone has to be in negative numbers by the time you get to 80…

But what this study did was feed 80 year old men a special drink of amino acids (protein that has already been broken down)... and gave the same drink to guys in their 20’s and 30’s.

What happened next is crazy.

They measured how well both sets guys were making muscle by measuring what they call their “MPS” - Muscle Protein Synthesis.

And the old guys were turning the amino acids into muscle JUST As WELL as the young guys. As in EXACTLY the same...

These guys weren’t on STEROIDS

They were just given what their bodies needed in the way they could use it..

The problem wasn’t their hormones, it was their digestion not being able to turn protein into Amino Acids for them…

As soon as they were given the protein in a form their body could use, it became just as efficient at making muscle as it had always been.

So, what happens when your body stops “eating protein”?

The problem with protein is that it’s not like fat. It can’t be stored for later…

Either you turn it into aminos and peptides (2X4’s) and use it…

Or it just gets turned into sugar, and then fat… and sits on your ass and makes your pants fit tighter.

Now, I’m not saying to stop eating meat… Because meat contains the exact ratio of amino acids your body needs to make more muscle (obviously... ) You’re eating muscle to make muscle…

The problem is getting
your body to USE it...

That right there kicks off the whole list of problems that’s making you fat and weak and weaker as you get older.

The next biggest one is about “recycling”

Your body has to recycle your cells all the time… We all know this from elementary school science…

But that includes your muscles.

Your body is constantly killing off your muscle cells and replacing them with new ones.

It’s called autophagy.

But, it’s not as simple as changing out a damaged tire on your car... Your body doesn’t have a stack of spare “bicep cells” laying around in case you need one.

The cells are digested back into (you guessed it) amino acids…

And these aminos don’t hang around the muscle they just got scooped out of waiting to go right back…

They get pooled together with all the other aminos your body is getting from your gut.

So SOME of them get recycled back into new muscle.

But NOT all of them.

Some of them need to be turned into all the other stuff your body needs, but isn’t getting from your diet.

So your muscles start to break down faster than they can be repaired.

The eggheads calls this your MPB to MPS ratio…. (Muscle Protein Breakdown vs Muscle Protein Synthesis.)

And THAT’s why just trying to work out longer and harder to keep your strength up as you get older isn’t helping!

Because exercise SPEEDS up the breakdown faster than it speeds up the building back…

Now, I’m sure you’ve noticed that I haven’t said a thing about testosterone yet…

That’s because all this happens whether you have enough testosterone or not…

In fact, it’s this next part that really kicks everything into overdrive… and really messes you up.

See, as your muscle decreases, the amount of calories you burn every day just keeps dropping and dropping.

But your appetite don’t drop as fast as your metabolism does… (ask me how I know…) so you’re eating the same amount as you always do, but you keep burning less and less.

So the extra gets stored as fat (as we all know)

Well the real bitch is, this extra fat makes a hormone that’s DESIGNED to mess you up.

It’s called aromatase…

What does aromatase do?

Well lemme ask you a question: Ever notice that the fatter you are, the bigger your titties get?

I’m not talking about women here...

I mean US.. MEN.

When we get fat, we start growing titties, right?

And the crazy part it, the titties seem to grow faster than our stomachs or any other part...

Part of the reason for that is aromatase.

Aromatase turns our testosterone into estrogen.
(Aint that a bitch?)

The same estrogen that makes women go through puberty and grow breasts and hips and get periods.

THAT estrogen.

Now, in small amounts, this is actually good… Even necessary.

Everybody needs a little estrogen, even men. It’s good for your heart and your brain and lots of other stuff.

But when you start getting fat, and making too much aromatase, you get TOO MUCH of it.

And too much estrogen leads to problems... Like growing titties.

Now… you would THINK that all this extra estrogen would make your body produce more testosterone in order to balance itself out…

That’s what I would do… It’s what YOU would do...

But NOT what your body does.

In fact, it does the opposite…

See, your body knows that testosterone turns into estrogen.

So, when it “detects” too much estrogen in your blood it SLOWS down your testosterone to slow down the estrogen…

Less testosterone means less motivation, less energy, lower bone density, and…
here’s the real motherfucker: more body fat.


  • Fat
    More estrogen.

  • More estrogen
    less testosterone.

  • Less testosterone
    more fat.

It’s a vicious cycle that will drive you right into an early grave if we let it… and take away your manhood along the way!

The last piece

Without the ability to get the aminos out of your food to help you rebuild your muscle… your body gets LAZY…

It starts storing calories instead of burning them.

It makes you crave sugary junk food to make up for all the nutrients it doesn’t think it’s getting.

It shuts down your energy and ramps up your hunger because it thinks you're not eating enough…

Even though you’re thinking about buying fatter SHOES cause your damn feet keep getting bigger.

If I had tried to tell myself at 22 that one day I’d need wider shoes… I’d never had believed it.

Then your body slows down muscle repair even more, to save all the calories it doesn’t think it’s getting.

The worst part is, your body’s number #1 way to deal with this and try to restore your balance is sleep…

I don’t know about you, but I couldn’t sleep for shit when I was heavy… And it wasn’t (just) sleep apnea…

No matter how tired I was, I just couldn't get a decent night’s sleep anymore.

It’s like the older I got, the busier I got. I just couldn’t find the damn time to get any sleep.

And when I did fall asleep, I couldn’t STAY asleep.

This is NOT something anyone warned me about… but every guy my age says the same thing...

Surprise, surprise: they’re all fat too.

I remember when I was in training for a fight back in the day, Kevin would make sure I slept 9 hours a night… Now I know why.

Trainers always used to tell me “You work muscles in the gym… But you build them in bed!”

I thought that was a sex joke for the longest time. I’m serious.

But it’s true.

Your body needs sleep to repair and rebuild muscle.

It’s one of the reasons you always wake up a little lighter than when you went to bed.

Your body does its best work to repair and rebuild your muscles during the deepest stages of sleep every night.

It even cleans out your brain to help give you energy and focus for the next day.

But if your sleep is low quality or constantly being interrupted, like most of us, then you’re never getting these deeper levels of sleep. And you’re NOT repairing your muscle.

It’s ANOTHER reason us older guys can’t keep our strength and size as we get older… cause we’re all waking up all damn night (usually to pee).

I don’t know if you’re like me, but I had never heard of any of this before… but it immediately made sense

Looking back over my life, and how I’d gotten to where I was, it all lined up perfectly.

It just made so damn much sense.

And the good news is, now that we know the cause, the solution is obvious.

And I’m going to cut out all the bullshit and tell you straight up, everything I just described is reversible.

By fighting the problem at its source, you can restore the power your body needs to feel and perform your best. At ANY age.

And I literally mean ANY age.

A few years ago, doctors gave PART of the solution I use to men in their 80’s who just had their hips replaced… and these guys started jumping out of their beds and dancing around the room!

Well, not quite that dramatic, but for real, they healed up and walked out of the hospital over TWICE as fast as the men who weren’t taking the solution.

If it works for 80 year old men with new hips… then it’ll work for anyone.

All you need to do is make a few small tweaks to give your body the boost it needs to get back on top.

It really only come down to addressing two small things to completely turn back the clock on everything we’ve been talking about.

If you can make your body more efficient at getting nutrients and amino acids out of your gut and into your muscles…

And make your muscles more efficient at BUILDING muscle and less eager to tear it down… You’re halfway there.

So, my team focused on a solution that does 2 things:


Rev-up your digestion

I’m not talking about heartburn here. (though, it should actually help with that too…)

But actually giving your digestive system the small boost it needs to regain the ability to break down and process protein and other nutrients into the components we can use.



Fuel your muscles back into shape

Restoring thee muscle building power of your body comes down to two simple things (and this is backed by science).

It’s that same ratio we talked about before: MPB vs MPS: Muscle Protein Breakdown vs Muscle Protein Synthesis.

If your MPB is too high, you can’t possibly make enough muscle to offset the loss… and you get weak and soft.

In extreme cases, they call it sarcopenia… and it usually means your ass is about to die. (For real).

On that same note, if your MPS is too low, if you’re not making new muscle every day… then even if your MPB is ZERO (it’s not), you still wouldn’t make any progress.

But, if you can keep your MPB low… and increase your MPS, then you’re golden…

You can build muscle like you’re 19 again…

Back when you gained 5 pounds of muscle in a summer from doing a few push-ups…

And could eat whatever you wanted and not gain a pound. (I was NEVER that lucky).

Between you and me: it was almost too hard to believe the first time I heard it.

How could the answer to a problem that plagued millions of people be so simple?

Luckily, I didn’t let my skepticism keep me from trying it for myself.

My team called it the 1-2 Punch (I thought it was cheesy)

After breaking down the science for me, the way
I just did for you, I was handed a bottle
with neon yellow liquid in it.

It looked like someone had hit a bottle of gatorade
with radiation. It was that yellow.

I double checked that there was nothing “banned”
in the bottle (you never can be too careful...)

The Doc confirmed that it was 100% natural, and didn’t
contain anything sketchy.

I took a sip and waited…

The first time I tried it, it wasn’t anything special.

After I downed the bottle of bright yellow liquid, I went on about my day, waiting to feel it “kick in”.

And I waited all day.

I felt a “little” better, like I had a little more powerin my punches… but it was fleeting, and barely noticeable.

I don’t know what I was expecting…

I, of all people, know how long a new diet or supplement can take to start kicking in.

I knew I’d have to give it a fair try for at least a couple weeks.

But it didn’t take anywhere NEAR that long…

Later that night, I tried part 2 (the sleep part)... and holy shit.

This time, since I was home, I had a small little packet of powder that I was supposed to mix in water right before bed.

I mixed it, and this time there was no yellow/green color at all.

This time it was milky white.

(Turns out bright ass neon yellow is the natural color of vitamin B6, which was only in the daytime drink).

I drank it down, then brushed my teeth and got ready for bed.

Holy. Shit.

I don’t know about you, but I usually have a real hard time getting to sleep.

It’s like as soon as my head hits the pillow, my mind starts racing with thoughts custom tailored to keep me awake.

Not this time.

I don’t even remember falling asleep.

I was just OUT.

Maybe 10 minutes after getting into bed, I slipped off into never never land…

And I didn’t wake up for 8 HOURS.

I can’t remember the last time I slept through the night… maybe never.

But suddenly, there I was, waking up to the sound of birds outside my window and sunlight pouring in.

And, more important, this didn’t feel like I’d taken any kind of sedative.

I just felt like I had slept...

Maybe the best sleep of my entire life.

I woke up feeling more energized, more refreshed, more rested than I think I EVER have.

I can’t remember ever feeling more rested in the morning.

I drank my next morning dose with breakfast.

This time, I could definitely feel the difference.

Except, I didn’t know whether I was feeling better because of the morning drink…

Or if I just felt so much better because of the incredible night’s sleep I’d gotten.

Personally, I didn’t care. All I knew is that I felt fantastic.

Going through the same workout as the day before, I could have sworn I was performing just a little bit better… But I know all about the placebo effect.

I put it out of my mind and just kept training.

I figured I’d wait at least a week to assess how I really felt.

A few days later, I noticed how much stronger I was already getting.

It was subtle at first.

Just a little more power in my punches…

A little more stamina when I spar.

I noticed I wasn’t getting tired as quickly.

The first time I tried a full round of sparring, back when I was fat, I laid in bed for a week after, unable to move.

But now, I feel smooth, and energized. I don’t feel like I’m emptying the tank every time I throw a punch.

I started to remember what training used to feel like.

Once I felt how amazing this stuff made me feel, and saw the results in the mirror and in my training, my only thought was

“Why is this a secret?”

Seriously, why hadn’t I heard of this before?

Most of the ingredients were super common. There was only one or two I hadn’t heard of before…

Someone who knew what to look for could find most of them on the internet or at one of those healthy vitamin stores…

Apparently, all you have to do is mix them in the right quantities and take them at the right time of day, and EVERYONE could feel this good?

So why wasn’t everyone taking it?

The team told me “lots of these ingredients are common, but mostly in low-quality forms. It actually takes some digging to get the high quality stuff that works”

So I asked “How much can we get?”

I started giving it out to everyone on my team, and soon enough, they were all asking how to get more.

Like clockwork, they’d come to me after the first night and say “Mike, I’ve never slept that good before”…

And two weeks later, they’d be telling me all about the new energy they had…

You could see it in their bodies too.

New veins popping out.

Tighter sleeves on their t-shirts… smaller pants.

I felt like I was at the center of a new superhero team... It was crazy.

I decided to tell the world about it.

I told the doc “give me the recipe, down to the miligram.
I want to tell everyone about this.”

And he did.

The recipe is right here on this page for the whole world to see.

But before he gave me the recipe, he gave me a warning…

The same warning I’m about to give you:

There’s a BIG problem in the supplement industry.

Below is the list of every ingredient and the exact dosages for my Ignition Matrix drink.

Down to the miligram.

But the doc warned me that even with the exact formulation, and exact amounts of each ingredient, chances are, you probably wouldn’t be able to get the same kind of results me and my friends have seen.

It’s not because the formula doesn’t work.

It does.

It’s that the ingredients are hard to get…

For instance, one of the ingredients is creatine…

Nothing special about creatine. One of the most common, best understood, easiest ingredients in the world to get.

It’s probably right behind protein powder and vitamin C on the list of best selling supplements in the world every year...

But even something as simple as creatine can present a problem for people who don’t know what they’re looking for. For starters, most creatine is cheap, shitty, creatine monohydrate.

And lots of the more expensive stuff that’s supposed to be higher quality, is ALSO cheap, shitty creatine monohydrate.

And there’s nothing wrong with creatine monohydrate… Except you gotta take more of it because it’s poorly absorbed and your body wastes most of it…

Remember being told you have “load” creatine for a week or two in order to “saturate” your muscles back in the day?

That’s why.

But the stuff I take, is
only 3 grams per day…

  • 1 ½ grams in the morning an another
  • 1 ½ grams at night before bed.


When you have properly formulated and standardized micronized creatine, which is what I take, then that’s all you need for maximum benefit.

And that’s not me saying that.

Check out this double blind placebo controlled study:

And that’s just Creatine.

With 21 active ingredients in my Ignition Matrix formula…

There’s too many chances for things to go wrong.

Plus, with everything going on in the , the prices for raw ingredients all over the place.

The bulk price of almost every ingredient is going crazy right now. (Just like the price of almost everything else…)

That means that the retail prices are going to be all over the map.

Honestly, I didn’t even think about that.

This sounds dumb, but sometimes, I actually forget that I have money.

It doesn’t occur to me how easy my life is now because I don’t have to worry about what things cost.

If I want something, I get it. And I make sure that I always get the best of whatever I want.

For lots of people, the costs are a big deal, and I felt bad for not even considering that..

But that’s when I realized…

I can do something most people can’t. I can use my name and my money to buy the best ingredients in the world at a huge discount.

If I buy the creatine, and the Fulvic Acid and the HMB and all the other ingredients…

Then I can have MY TEAM, Team Tyson test them, and evaluate them to make sure they're the best in the world.

No variance.

No impurities.

They test every ingredient like I’m going to be drinking it myself, because I am. Then I can make sure that each and every single gram is the absolute best.

And just like that, for the first time in my life, it looked like I was going to be in the supplement business.

When I saw first hand the power that these simple ingredients in the right quantity can have in my life, and in the lives of my friends and family…

I KNEW I had to share it.

No one else was gonna do it…

The entire supplement industry has known about these ingredients for DECADES.

They’ve seen the studies:

20% boost in strength in 30 days

50% shorter recovery time

They’d seen them all.

They knew what I knew…

But NONE of them had taken the time to bring them together to create this for people.

They’d rather charge huge markups on worthless, cheap ingredients that don’t work as well.

Think about it.

A gallon of milk has been $2 for over a decade.

So how come a jar of low quality whey protein, made from milk for PENNIES costs $40-$60?

Cause of the damn markup.

Well, fuck that.

If I bite the bullet and put the ultimate formula out myself…

I can share what I use with the world, and KNOW that it’s the best.

I can know that every gram, every sip contains the exact right blend of each ingredient…

That the anabolic power of your digestion, your muscles and your sleep can all be perfectly optimized.

I can put my name on it, and know that people can see it and immediately trust it.

So, I did what I always do…

I called the team together to find me the best in the world.

We even started a brand-new company.

The company, and
its only product is
called IM-21

As in, the “Iron Matrix 21”.

The perfect, twice-daily ultimate anabolic drink.

We call it a “Muscle Building Formula”

Put up over a million dollars of our own money to source the best ingredients on earth.

Yep, we pre-purchased over a million dollars in raw ingredients to make enough IM-21 for THOUSANDS of people to try it for themselves.

So here’s exactly what we bought, and exactly what’s in every dose of

The core of the Iron Matrix is made up of the first 7 ingredients:

Creatine, HMB, Vitamin D3, Protease, Fulvic Acid, Fructose and Glycine.

These 7 ingredients make up the primary 2 parts of the Iron Matrix.

Part 1

Fructose, Fulvic Acid and Protease were selected to reignite the fire in your digestion.

This combination is formulated to help your body obliterate every bite of protein in your food and transport the amino acids and other nutrients into your bloodstream where your body can use them.

Once these compounds are out of your gut and in your body, the real work begins.

Part 2

Vitamin D3, HMB, Creatine, and Glycine provide your muscles with what they need to stop dying and start GROWING.

Glycine is one of the most abundant amino acids in your body. It makes up so many important tissues and even neurotransmitters like dopamine (the motivation hormone).

It’s even what your body uses to make its own creatine.

We’ve all heard about Vitamin D3 for our immune system, especially last year, but it’s actually been studied for YEARS for it’s ability to increase muscle size and strength, bone density and even your testosterone levels:

Again, scientists have known this for years, but they haven’t been telling US… why? Cause there’s no money in selling Vitamin D.

So, the core Iron Matrix is those 7 ingredients.

Every day, I drink



The most widely studied and proven sports performance supplement ever… Probably the second best selling supplement in the world after whey protein.

And most people are using it wrong…

If you’ve used it before, you probably remember being told to take “20 grams a day for a week. Then 5 grams a day after that… and if you ever miss a day or two, you gotta start over with another 20 grams a day…” right?

Guess who made that up?

Ding. Ding. Ding. Yep - the people who sell Creatine. The most effective dose of creatine studied is actually 3 grams/day, according to the latest research.

A top research university in Brazil tested the “loading” theory and proved it false.

3 grams a day was determined to be the most effective dose.. Just one caveat. You have to be using a high-grade creatine that’s well absorbed. Which is why that’s exactly what IM-21 uses.



The most anabolic substance on earth, gram for gram, and no one is talking about it yet.

HMB is the closest thing to a silver bullet when it comes to keeping and growing strength and muscle mass.

They give this stuff to cows to make more beef. And it’s all natural and not a hormone.

It’s actually made in your body every day when you break down the leucine in your food.

It’s main purpose is to prevent muscle wasting… sound familiar? Well, your body doesn’t make very much on it’s own, so you can either down hundreds of grams of leucine to get it to make more (not recommended) or supplement with just 1-3 grams of HMB directly.

Guess which I chose?

Yeah, a gram of leucine a day is proven to make almost everything else work better.

  • HMB improves the effects of Creatine.
  • HMB improves muscle mass in eldery patients with hip transplants
  • HMB improves the effects of Vitamin D3
  • HMB is used by collegiate athlete to boost strength and stamina

This little compound is going to be the only thing people are going to be talking about in 2 years, but you’ll already be seeing the benefits for yourself.

Vitamin D3


People usually talk about vitamin D for its immune boosting benefits… and they’re important (especially this year)...

But the benefit to your bones and muscles (especially when used with creatine and HMB) are almost miraculous.

Talking about 20% boosts in strength.

Boosted testosterone production (with NO hormone therapy).

10% stronger bones.

Better memory and mood.

The list goes on damn near forever.



Unlike glucose, fructose doesn’t enter your bloodstream and cause an insulin spike. Instead it gets converted by your liver directly into glycogen, the fuel your muscles need.

Consuming fructose with creatine has also shown to boost absorption and retention.



Glycine is actually the first amino acid ever discovered. (I just learned that)... That’s because it’s EVERYWHERE in your body.

It’s in muscle, skin, hair, organ cells, neurotransmitters like dopamine. EVERYTHING.

Your body actually needs it to produce its own creatine.

And it’s one of the amino acids your body harvests from muscle tissue when it doesn’t have enough.

That’s the main reason it’s so important to make sure you’re getting enough. And why we make sure you get it twice a day in IM-21.

We think it’s also why studies have shown that Glycine alone can boost your strength by up to 10-15% .

Protease (Papain)


If IM-21 had NOTHING but papain in it, it would still be a total revolution. Papain (pronounced like papaya) is a type of compound called a protease.

That means it breaks down proteins into peptides and amino acids.

It can do this out in the air, which is why thousands of companies use it as a meat tenderizer.

And it can work in your gut to help you get more muscle-building, anabolic power out of every bite of protein you eat.

This compound is like building your very own saw-mill in your gut… responsible for taking in whole bites of protein and spitting out ready-made 2X4’s ready to be used wherever they’re needed.

And this formula is split in half.

So, every morning, I drink 100mg of Protease and 1.5 grams of creatine, etc…

And every night I drink the other half.

There are 2 reasons we split it up like this:

  • First, it makes every ingredient more potent. Your body absorbs more overall from 2 smaller doses than it would from one big dose.

  • Second, we can improve on the Iron Matrix even more with ingredients that improve your mood and focus during the day.

And ingredients that enhance and deepen your sleep at night.

So, in addition to the core Iron Matrix, my morning drink contains



Glutamine is another amino acid that is abundant in the body, and is harvested from muscle tissues when your body is under stress.

Doctors believe this is part of the reason the body loses so much muscle mass when you are sick or injured for even just a few days.

Your body releases glutamine to help itself heal or fight off infection, and loses muscle mass in the process.1

Glutamine also helps reinforce the lining of our gut wall, to help improve digestion and prevent issues like leaky gut.



You probably remember seeing tauring on the label of an energy drink can.

That’s because taurine helps your body produce energy by balancing your digestion and helping with mineral absorption and balancing throughout the body.

It also helps regulate the function of your nervous system.2



You might look at the word caffeine and think “great, an energy drink” but that couldn’t be further from the truth.

75MG of caffeine is just under what you would get from an average cup of coffee.

If you still want to drink coffee after using Burn, you can go right ahead.

The reason we use a small amount of caffeine is because it has been shown to help regulate your energy metabolism and switch your body into fat-burning mode.

Having a small amount of circuulating caffeine also helps your focus and attention and leads to burning more calories throughout the day.

L phenylalanine


Phenylalanine is an amino acid your body needs, but can’t make. That means it’s essential. You have to get it from food.

If you don’t have enough, then your body cannot produce dopamine, the energy, mood and focus hormone.

In fact, it’s so potent, scientists are studiying it for its effects on conditions like depression and ADHD.

We use it to ensure that you’re getting enough to ensure proper dopamine production during the day.

Vitamin b2


Vitamin b6


Vitamin b12


B-complex vitamins are responsible for everything from energy metabolism to proper digestive function.

A recent study showed that “individuals lacking in B-vitamins – including college athletes and other elite competitors -- may have a decreased ability to repair and build muscle than counterparts”.

Vitamin C


People hear Vitamin C, and think “immune system” but this vitamin is actually one of the most powerful antioxidants on the planet.

It’s so powerful that women put it on their faces as a face lift in a jar under the name hyaluronic acid.

We call these 8 ingredients the BURN blend.

They help you light up your day and burn it down.

In conjunction with the core Iron Matrix, they help you to move more, burn more fat and perform at your best.

After a week or two of drinking Burn consistently, you wont know how you ever went without it. I keep a bag on me at all times.

And the night time blend, we call Build is formulated for total anabolic recovery.

Like my trainers always said, you Build muscle when you sleep.

Without the rest and recovery you get from a good night’s sleep, you’ll NEVER grow strength and muscle mass like you could be.

So every dose of Build also contains



Cordyceps is a type of mushroom that has been called the ultimate “adaptogen”.

It has been shown to help regulate blood sugar, improve ATP production (which can lead to greater strength and energy)

Cordyceps alone was shown to increase stamina by up to 7% WITHOUT any of the other ingredients in IM-21.3



Gaba is such an important amino acid in your brain that it has a spexcific receptor called a gaba receptor.

And when this receptor detects gaba in your brain, it triggers the onset of rest, relaxation and sleep.

You may not have heard of GABA before, but old school bodybuilders have been using it for years to improve sleep quality, and improve overnight gains.



The downside to GABA is that it breaks down too fast. You’ve probably noticed that a ton of over the counter sleep products might help you get to sleep, but dont help you STAY asleep.

That’s where valerian comes in.

Valerenic acid has been found to inhibit the breakdown of GABA in the brain, which means continued rest, and continued recovery, all night long.



Melatonin is almost synonymous with “sleep aid” right?

But most melatonin products leave you feeling drowsy the next day, which is the opposite of the point.

That’s because they use WAY too much. Guess they figure, if a little is good, then a lot must be GREAT, right?

Not so much.

You want just enough melatonin to trigger the onset of sleep. But once that’s done it’s done its job. You don’t want it hanging around in your brain all night, leading to feelings of tiredness the next day.



ust like melatonin, lots of people think they know all about tryptophan, right?

Again, most people are using it wrong (if they use it at all.)

This formulation is specifically engineered to help you fall asleep faster, sleep deeper and stay asleep longer.

The key to the anabolic power of sleep is the number of “deep sleep” cycles you get in a night.

So Build is formulated to maximize the depth and number.

You’ve never felt anything like it.

Build isn’t a sedative, like a sleeping pill. It naturally supports your body getting to sleep fast and sleeping better.

It’s revolutionary.

Now, you might be wondering...

How do I take it, and how much do I take?

That’s the best part.

Like I said, when I’m training for a fight, I don’t want to have to worry or think about ANYTHING else.

So I simplify everything in my life.

It’s the best way of focusing on what’s important and eliminating mistakes.

So, I made sure IM-21 was made the same way.

My morning dose of Burn is in a simple foil stick, like a kool-aid stick.

I pour it into an 8 ounce glass of water and drink it… Within minutes, I can feel my body moving and working better.

It’s incredible.

And Build is the same way.

I pour one stick into a cup of water and drink it before bed.

One thing I love to do actually is heat up a mug of water or almond milk and drink it hot.

The heat doesn’t hurt the ingredients in Build, but it sure does make it taste delicious.

I love whenever I can enjoy doing something that’s good for me.

But the amazing part is that it’s so simple. There's nothing to think about. Nothing to measure. No way to get it wrong.

Just rip, pour, stir, drink.

It’s so easy to make sure you’re getting exactly what you need in exactly the right amounts.

How long till I see results?

The Iron Matrix starts going to work right away, supporting your body from the inside out.

There are parts you’re going to feel right away, and parts that will take a few days to feel the full benefit.

For instance, your very first night of sleep with Build is going to be the best night of sleep you ever had.

That’s something you can feel right away.

Over the next few days, as your muscles start getting saturated with amino acids and rebuilding themselves and fueling themselves the right way…

You’ll notice small, subtle improvements in everyday activities.

It’s subtle at first.

You just notice you’re not tired as often or as quickly. Things that used to be difficult or heavy are suddenly a little lighter and a little easier.

After the first 2 weeks, it’s plain as day.

After 30 days, you wouldn’t go back to a life without it for a million dollars….

  • It feels that good.
  • You just feel younger.
  • Stronger…
  • Invincible.

It’s the same feeling you had when you were a kid, only you didn’t know enough to know how special it was.

Now you know.

You know how fleeting and how perfect that feeling is.

The feeling that you can do ANYTHING. The feeling of limitless energy and drive.

The feeling of being strong and self reliant and in control. The feeling of knowing that tomorrow is going to be better than today.

As you feel better and better, you’ll find yourself discovering a new level of focus and motivation.

As things like exercise get easier and easier, you’ll probably find yourself wanting to do them more.

It’s crazy what your body does once it’s getting what it needs.

The feeling of being fit and healthy is almost addictive, and for once it won't be so difficult to maintain.

It almost feels like a magic trick…

For the first few months, I know I used to wake up and wonder if today was the day that I was going to start feeling like the “old me” again…




But no.

The feeling of being young and strong, and healthy is still with me.

I plan to keep feeling
this good when I’m 80!

And the benefits on the outside will start matching the benefits on the inside…

When’s the last time you went to the store to buy smaller pants?

If it’s been awhile, let me tell you, it feels incredible.

I remember when I was young, I used to LOVE clothes. Having a full closest of the hottest fashion was something that made me genuinely happy.. (rare back then)

But as I got older and really started putting on weight, I startedhiding my body in “dad clothes”... big, baggy shirts and oversized pants.

I convinced myself i was comfortable…

But now that my body looks the way it does again…

I love buying the clothes that make me look good and feel good again!

I don’t know if you’re into clothes like I am, but for me it was a huge plus.

What about you? What do you most look forward to about having a younger, healthier, leaner body again?

Think about that…

Even if you just lost 10 pounds of fat a month… I know it doesn’t sound like a lot… but if it happened effortlessly, and like clockwork?

Damn… In 2 months you’d be 20 pounds down… then 30, 40 and even 50 pounds.

Your body could be completely transformed with 50 fewer pounds of nasty, artery clogging fat.

So what would you do with it?

Imagine what you could do if you had the brain of a grown man, and the body of a kid at his physical prime.

All those things you wanted to do in your 20’s but never made time for?

The stuff you think you’re too old for now?

Suddenly it’s all back on the table.

But this time you’re old enough to actually appreciate it.

It’s like living a dream.

Getting my body, my mind and my energy back has completely changed my life. And it can change yours.

For me, once I realized that all the things I thought were holding me back were gone for good…

The possibilities opened wide up for me again.

I was fit enough to get back in the boxing ring…

And have one of the most watched fights EVER.

I showed the world that you can reclaim your health and power at any age..

That you’re never too old to chase after what you want.

And we raised millions for charity.. Win/win/win if you ask me.

My new fight is to change the world.

Now that I realize the power of restoring your health with a few small changes..

I know what I want to do with the rest of my life (And I plan for it to be Looong).

I’m going to help the world get their power back.

One man at a time if I have to.

Once I realized how good it’s possible to feel… I knew I had to give everyone this same chance.

I want that to be my legacy.

I want to be the man that made the world strong again… The man that showed men everywhere what true strength feels like.

Imagine how much cooler the world would be if guys with wisdom, and experience, and know-how had the energy to go all day and all night, like they used to.

I can’t wait to see that world.

I’m doing everything I can to make it happen.

And because of that…

I’m not in this
for the money.

I want this project to succeed more than just about anything else I’ve ever wanted, since winning my first belt almost 35 years ago.

And if you know me, then you know the most dangerous place in the world to be is standing between me and my goal.

One thing I’ve always been good at is single minded determination.

So when it came time to sit down with the suits... (I mean that figuratively, ‘cause who actually wears suits anymore?)

I made it VERY clear that the price of this should be something basically everyone can afford.

And I wasn’t about to accept any bullshit.

And the other thing I made clear is that we weren’t going to get cute and hide behind any “proprietary blend” where we keep the ingredients a secret…

Like you saw above, I laid out EXCATLY what’s in IM-21 milligram for milligram.

That means you can go out and make this product yourself if you want, just using what you know now.. .

And it would even be almost as good.

There would only be 3 differences between what you can make on your own using the exact formulation I take, and what I had my team put together:


We made sure we were buying the purest, most potent form of every ingredient we use. Did you know that there’s more than a dozen different KINDS of creatine? Not brands.. KINDS. .

We made sure to use the most effective kind, and
we got it from the best source. And the one
I use is validated in a 3rd party lab.

The stuff you’re able to find
might be almost as good.


This shouldn’t matter, but it does to me. Yours isn't gonna taste as good as mine does.

Lots of guys don’t care about taste, and that’s cool for them. You can tell cause lots of the stuff in nutrition stores tastes like garbage… and you gotta do shit like add extra peanut butter and bananas to your protein shakes to make them taste good.

For me, I know that if I’m gonna be eating or drinking something EVERY DAY, then I want to be able to look forward to it.

Just cause it’s good for me, doesn’t mean it can’t be a treat.

So I made sure my formula tastes incredible. I love drinking Burn first thing in the morning.

And I can’t wait to finish my day with a cold (or sometimes hot) cup of build before I drift off to the best sleep of my life...

You probably wont be able to replicate the delicious taste my team formulated (without adding any extra calories, btw)... The ONLY calories in this thing are from the 3 grams of all natural fructose (fruit sugar) that we added to aid in digestion andcreatine absorption.


And 3rd, it’ll probably cost you a lot more. You know how you save money by buying in bulk at stores like Costco?

Well it works even better the more you spend…

I spent over a million dollars buying the ingredients to
create our first public batch of IM-21….

This did two things for me:

First, it guarantees that I personally NEVER run out of my own supply. I’ve got enough Burn and Build to last me till I’m 150 years old and I fucking dare you to try and take it from me.

And 2, we got the absolute best price available anywhere on these specific ingredients.

So, if you want to try my IM-21 formulation, you can try it from me here today, for the best price you’ll ever see anywhere, or you can make it yourself at home and get something that’s almost as good, but not validated, and not manufactured in the state of an art lab… and doesn’t taste anywhere near as good… and costs you at least 2 or 3 times what I’m charging just to help cover the cost of making this first batch.

When this first batch sells out, which will be soon, it’ll take us at least another 2 months to produce more, and we’ll have to sell it at its actual retail price to every new customer.

My team is already in talks with major retail stores to carry IM-21, to get it into even more people’s hands, but one of the conditions is that the price will have to come WAY up. (Stores need to make money, I get it…)

But anyone who buys from this page, during our first sample run is locked in for life.

We won’t ever raise the price on you, no matter how high the retail price has to go.

You got my word on that.

Look, I want to level with you and tell you something I bet you’ve already guessed:

At a certain level, athletes make MORE money from endorsements than they do from their sport.

No shit, right?

Why do you think so many motherfuckers got their names on shoes?

Hell, we all know a former heavyweight champ you made 10 TIMES as much money signing grills than he ever made in the ring...

So, endorsements come and endorsements go.

Shit, endorsements are how I kept my mortgages paid when all the boxing money ran out (or got stolen from me.)


This isn’t some endorsement deal
with a cereal company that wants
to put my name on the box.

This is my real formulation.

The one I use.

The one I believe in.

The one my entire team has been working on.

And that’s lucky for you too…

Because that means I set the prices.. And I decide how much we charge.

So we’re only charging enough to help cover the costs of the first round of production.

That’s why the price for a full month of IM-21 from this page is only $69.

Now, that’s not $69 each for Burn and Build.

You get both products, 30 sticks of each… 60 total doses per bag for only $69.

That's like $2 a day... ($2.30 if you want to be technical)

For something that has the power to completely change your life…

I can’t remember the last time I got ANYTHING worth a damn for two dollars.

And you know what?

If it doesn’t work for you, the way it’s worked for me and everyone else who’s tried it…

I don’t even want to keep your dollar.

This isn’t like a new pair of shoes or a piece of jewelry.

Best Seller

6 Month Supply

6 Pack

Normal Price: $599.70

  • $49.00

  • per

You Save $305.70

Today’s Total: $294.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee

Most Popular

3 Month Supply

3 Pack

Normal Price: $299.85

  • $59.00

  • per

You Save $134.85

Today’s Total: $177.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee


1 Month Supply

1 Pack

Normal Price: $99.95

  • $69.00

  • per

You Save $40.95

Today’s Total: $69.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee

You aren’t going to find any
“all sales are final” signs around here.

If you don’t love it, just tell me.

(Well, technically, tell Team Tyson, it’s not like I answer the phone personally).

But give ‘em a call 866-438-4621 and tell ‘em you want your money back.

Hell, you could call ‘em now as a test to see if I’m lying.

Tell ‘em you want a refund and see how easy that is.

I’ve instructed them that anyone who wants their money back for any reason, ever, can get it.

100% Guaranteed. For Life.

That’s the only way I know how to do business.

If i’m going to put my word.. My NAME on something, then I stand behind it 100%.

I don’t know how to live another way.

So you don’t need to say “yes” to IM-21 today to start seeing immediate benefits.

All you have to do is say maybe.

Because if you don’t love it as much as I do, for ANY reason, all you’ve wasted is a couple minutes of your time.

Plus, when you say maybe today, you lock in the best price you’ll ever seee for IM-21.

It will never be this low again.

Unfortunately, it can’t be.

Because the cost of these ingredients is going to keep going up. (For at least the next year).

Every run of IM-21 is likely going to be more expensive to produce than the last.

High quality, raw ingredients are becoming rarer, more expensive and harder to find.

Hell, premium creatine has already TRIPLED in cost since we first started manufacturing IM-21

That means, I have to raise the price every time we produce a new supply.

We can lock in your price for life for new customers who buy today.

But, if you take a chance on me, and on IM-21 today, then I will personally guarantee to lock in your price forever.

Even if I end up having to lose money on every bag I send you.

Seeing men all over America, and the the world try this formula is worth that much to me.

I want to see men looking and feeling better than they ever have…

  • Stronger
  • More Energy
  • Better Focus
  • Which lets them be better husbands,
  • Better Fathers
  • Better Providers.
  • No longer weighed down by insecurities and feeling tired and irrelevant all the time.

But if it doesn’t work EXACTLY the way I said it would, then you can get 100% of your money back.

So pick the best package that works for you and give yourself a chance.

Give me your hand.

I won’t let you down.

Get ready to Hit Like Iron.


Best Seller

6 Month Supply

6 Pack

Normal Price: $599.70

  • $49.00

  • per

You Save $305.70

Today’s Total: $294.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee

Most Popular

3 Month Supply

3 Pack

Normal Price: $299.85

  • $59.00

  • per

You Save $134.85

Today’s Total: $177.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee


1 Month Supply

1 Pack

Normal Price: $99.95

  • $69.00

  • per

You Save $40.95

Today’s Total: $69.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this really Mike Tyson?

Yes. My team would shut this site down so fast if this wasn’t my product. IM-21 is 100% mine. It’s the very same formulation I use, packaged up into a convenient monthly supply for my friends and fans to be able to use it for themselves.

You can see the direct links to this website on my instagram and facebook pages.

What Does IM-21 Taste Like?

Burn is flavored with all natural citrus flavoring. Think “TangTM” or orange juice, but a lot more subtle.

Build is flavored with chocolate fudge flavor. But because it has no artificial colors or dyes, it’s not dark brown like you might expect.

If you drink it hot, several people have described the flavor as “white chocolate mocha”.

Do I have to exercise for it to work?

HMB, D3, and Creatine were specifically studied for their ability induce muscle protein synthesis even in people who were not exercising.

They will work to help boost your strength and muscle mass no matter your current daily routine.But, and this should go without saying, they obviously work even better when paired with a sensible exercise plan. You don't need to be training for a triathalon or a heavyweight fight, but you should be engaging in some light, daily exercise for your health ANYWAY.

As for weight loss, there is no substance known to man that can cause your body to lose weight even in a massive caloric surplus.

This product is intended to help your body digest food more efficiently and fuel your muscles with the amino acids they need. This will naturally help promote weight loss even without a significant change to your diet or exercise routine.

But if you wash down your daily glass of burn with a donut, you may find it hard to keep the weight off.

How Do I take IM-21?

Mix one packet of the IM-21 Burn in 12 ounces of water for a sweeter taste or 16 ounces if you like it more diluted. You will drink this in the morning to start your burn for the day.

Mix one packet of the IM-21 Build in 12 ounces of milk or milk substitute for a sweeter taste or 16 ounces if you like it more diluted. You will drink this about 30 minutes before bed to start your Build and get a restful night sleep.

How do I know this will work?

The ingredients in IM-21 are backed by decades of clinical research, including placebo controlled double-blind studies. They were selected and formulated to maximize their synergistic effects with each other and create the ultimate muscle building formula.

While individual results will vary and there are no "typical" results, we have had excellent feedback from the people who have tried IM-21.

And Ultimately, Mike’s own story ultimately speaks for itself.

What if it doesn't?

While we believe that IM-21 is the Ultimate Anabolic Formula, we understand that nothing is right for everyone.

In the event you decide that IM-21 isn't right for you, for ANY reason at all, we invite you to contact us at your earliest convenience to claim a full refund.

What are the ingredients in Burn and Build?

We believe that IM-21 is the most advanced forulation ever created, using the perfect balance of the highest quality natural ingredients.

Creatine, HMB, Vitamin D3, B-Complex Vitamins, Gaba, Valerian, Cordyceps Sinensis and Papain essential and non-essential amino acids and more to support total wellness at the cellular level.

Wth think it creates a difference you can feel. And we invite you to try it for yourself.

How do I know IM-21 is safe?

IM-21 is formulated in a GMP certified facility under completely sterile conditions. GMP Certification means that the FDA recognizes the lab for following the highest possible standard for accuracy, safety and purity. Every ingredient in IM-21 Burn and Build is individually tested for impurities before it is even accepted into the Lab

They have achieved the highest possible level of manufacturing excellence recognized in the United States.

What if I'm sensitive to caffeine?

Your daily serving of Burn contains 75 milligrams of caffeine. That's less than you'd find in a typical cup of American coffee, or about the same as two 12 ounce cans of Cola. Many energy drink and pre-workout products contain 3-5 times this amount.

We don’t recommend that anyone sensitive to caffeine consume Burn less than 12 hours before your intended bedtime, as sleep quality is equally important for the success of the IM-21 protocol.

Unfortunately, there is currently no caffeine-free formulation of IM-21 Burn, and Build is not currently for sale independently.

If you are exceptionally sensitive to caffeine and cannot tolerate consumption of 75 milligrams per day, we would recommend avoiding IM-21.

What if I'm sensitive to melatonin?

Build, IM-21's night time sleep formula contains 3mg of melatonin in order to maximize it’s sleep promoting properties. Melatonin is responsible for promoting feelings of relaxation in your body and signaling when it’s time to go to sleep.

Build, however, is not only a melatonin product. Many melatonin sleep products contain 20MG or more melatonin per dose. Our philosophy is to use minimum effective doses of every ingredient. So Build’s synergistic blend contains only 3MG of melatonin.

Combined with Build’s other sleep promoting ingredients, like GABA, Valerian, Cordyceps, and L-tryptophan, the melatonin in Build can still result in a deep, restful, restorative sleep without requiring oversized doses of any of the ingredients

3MG may be a small enough dose even for those with a sensitivity. However, only you can decide your own personal tolerance. If you are avoiding melatonin completely, unfortunately Build is not the product for you.

How is IM-21 different?

IM-21 was formulated to do one thing, deliver the raw explosive muscle building power without all the fluff. That’s why IM-21 skips all the metabolically expensive protein, and delivers only the high-impact compounds and amino acids your body needs to build more muscle in less time and torch more fat in the process.

What can I do if I don't like it?

Every product purchased from is protected for life. If you are ever unsatisfied with your order, simply call us at 866-GET-IM21 (866-438-4621)for a full refund, including shipping. No questions asked. Ever.

All we ask is that you send back any unused product. But even if you use EVERY LAST STICK, you will still get a full refund.

That is how much we believe in the power of this product to change your life.

How do I get ahold of you?

You can call us toll-free at 866-GET-IM21 (866-438-4621) any time Monday through Friday 9am - 5pm Arizona time. Or on Saturday between the hours of 9am and 1pm.

Or you can email us 24 hours a day / 7 days a week at [email protected] to receive a guaranteed response in under 1 business day.

Best Seller

6 Month Supply

6 Pack

Normal Price: $599.70

  • $49.00

  • per

You Save $305.70

Today’s Total: $294.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee

Most Popular

3 Month Supply

3 Pack

Normal Price: $299.85

  • $59.00

  • per

You Save $134.85

Today’s Total: $177.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee


1 Month Supply

1 Pack

Normal Price: $99.95

  • $69.00

  • per

You Save $40.95

Today’s Total: $69.00

Lifetime Money Back Gurantee