Warrior Spirit: Unlocking the Heart of a Lion

Men in the modern day can have it pretty rough. Many guys out there feel directionless, purposeless, and like they could be getting more out of life. It’s a tough emotional battle to face. But where can we find purpose?

To win this battle, many of us need a shift in our mindset. We need to adopt the spirit of a warrior. Let me explain.

The warrior spirit might sound a bit elusive, and it may seem a little outdated, but correctly adopting this mindset can help you find a new purpose in life and motivate you to do what you need to do in this life.

What Is the Warrior Spirit?

The warrior spirit isn’t as elusive of an idea as you might think. It might sound like a term from a bygone era, but the ideas that compose the warrior spirit should all be familiar to you.

Reframing your mind to the warrior spirit can help you become a better, more focused man.

The warrior spirit comes from Native American culture. Warriors were an essential part of the Native American communities. A warrior must learn the skills necessary to protect and care for his tribe. Sitting Bull of the Hunkpapa Lakota Sioux describes it like this:

The warrior, for us, is one who sacrifices himself for the good of others. His task is to take care of the elderly, the defenseless, those who cannot provide for themselves, and above all, the children – the future of humanity.”

What Does That Look Like?

Did the warriors fight wars for their communities? Yes, of course. But that was not the core of their identity. Combat was merely a tool they used to achieve their primary goal.

The warrior’s chief focus is providing for the needs of the tribe. He puts his own needs aside to look after others. He provides for the needs of his people. And he looks after the children, teaching them to be noble and passing on the values of community and strength.

The Warrior Spirit In the Modern Context

The warrior spirit has not faded in Native American communities— there are still warriors today. Instead, their focus isn’t battle but preserving their communities and culture. They provide food, shelter, medical care, and education to their people.

Serving the tribe is an incredibly fulfilling role for these people, which is why they have the highest per-capita service rate out of any group. There is great satisfaction in fulfilling their role as a warrior.

Let’s look at some of the skills that a warrior needs to have in the modern day.

The Strength of a Warrior

It all begins with strength and health. Our physical health is of the utmost importance when we take on the warrior spirit. We need to be strong for our tribes and families. We need to stay healthy to properly serve the people that we love.

That means getting active and physically fit. It means building muscle, burning fat, and improving endurance. These things are vital to having good health for long periods. And our physical health also corresponds to our mental well-being.

It also means that you should be getting enough rest. Being a warrior doesn’t mean just working all day and night. It means getting rest when you need it to fuel your body properly. Protect your sleep and recovery.

Staying healthy and strong mentally and physically allows us to serve your community effectively.

Wisdom and Guidance

Warriors also need to pass on wisdom and guidance to people who need it. Whether it’s giving advice to your kid as they learn to become an adult or helping a friend through a rough time, we need to be able to make a meaningful impact.

This impact comes down to emotional intelligence— awareness, empathy, active listening, and attunement to your people. These qualities are essential for being able to calmly and effectively guide our tribe.


Providing for the people we care about is of the utmost importance as a warrior. The warrior spirit means working hard and selflessly to give our people the things they need for a good life.

So work hard at your job, and be good at it. A warrior works nobly so that his tribe can have a good life.

How To Unlock It

Now that we know what the warrior spirit is, it’s time to figure out how to unlock this beast. Once we do, we can find new purpose and drive in our lives.

Identify Your Tribe

The first thing is to identify our tribe. A warrior needs people to serve, so you need to find your people.

Our people are our families: our partners and children or our parents and siblings. But your tribe can also be your neighborhood, the school your kids go to, or even your closest friends.

Look Ahead

Once you’ve identified your tribe, you need to look toward the future. Think about the potential that your people or family have. Think about their future and all they can achieve. Think about what obstacles could be in their way.

And then think about what you can do to help them. You have a role to play in your tribe. You can protect and provide for your tribe so they can achieve the most from life.

This role is the key to unlocking this warrior spirit. Once you have a clear understanding of who your tribe is and the role they need you to play to succeed, that will motivate you. You’ll find a new sense of purpose.

Unlock Your Warrior Spirit With Tyson

The warrior spirit can help you achieve so many things in your life. It can help you with your fitness, with your family relationships, and with your career. Once you find the proper motivation, anything is possible. And there is no motivation more noble or effective than the warrior spirit.

Staying strong and healthy, working on your emotional intelligence, and guiding those around you are all key qualities of a warrior. Work on yourself in these ways, and you, too, can become a warrior for the people in your life.


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