About Us

We Are IM-21.

We're a health and nutrition company founded by the one and only Mike Tyson, former UndisputedTM Heavyweight Champion of The World.

Our mission is to help men all over the world to rediscover the fire still burning inside them, and reclaim their true strength and potential.

To that end, we promise that every product we make and every package we ship will contain only the purest, most effective ingredients available, and in their purset form.

Every day, and in everything we do, we are guided by our creed, the Iron Philosophy:

The Iron Philosophy

Forget yesterday. Forget tomorrow. Fight for today, and the best you've ever been.

Burn away weakness, like a weapon forged in fire. Demand the best from your body, and accept nothing less.

Build true strength. Push harder. Move faster. Keep moving. Strength is a gift you give yourself.

Hit Like Iron. Fight Like Hell.